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I will not confuse my career with my life.

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A potential snag.

All my lists are groomed minutely. My pleasure has always been in the details. Things are going so smoothly and I’m charged up as hell to be heading off to Stockbridge this weekend. Just a few final tasks and appointments remain, all very routine. Tuesday morning I would handily dispatch that yearly appointment with the doctor and be about the rest of my business.

But something unusual appeared in my examination. Amazing how details can turn mundane events into slow motion movie clips that my mind replays over and over. And over. A few phone calls later, an appointment with a specialist was secured and records were transferred. Last night I resisted the temptation of a Google-search of my particular problem, I am proud to say. Instead, I had a good, healthy cry and a sound night’s sleep. Awoke with fresh determination to make the best of whatever was coming.

Now, 36 hours later, I can relax knowing my problem isn’t serious. This is my second time getting a “new lease on life” in that department. I’m no stranger to mammograms, (expletives bubble from my core at the sensory memories), ultrasound tests, needle biopsies, etc. I’m grateful to be surrounded by excellent and compassionate healthcare professionals who can, today, put my mind at ease.

So tomorrow I will get back to the not-so-serious, yet consuming busy-ness of getting ready for my month at Kripalu.

Routine automobile maintenance looms. (gulp)