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Crunchy snow

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It’s frustrating. This winter, I discovered a past time that amuses me greatly: making snow sculpture. Just a budding snow sculptor, I have made only three entities: the Snow Goddess and her consort and the Snow Buffoon. But each of these have felt like real beings. Well, real in the sense that they exude personality like crazy. Parts of my personality? Probably, yes.

The frustrating part is that our snow this year has been mostly of the powdery persuasion. I’m sure it’s been great for skiers and it’s been mostly a breeze to shovel. But it’s not been conducive to packing and shaping. I couldn’t even make a simple snowball this afternoon. My third snow person, the Snow Buffoon, stands solitary sentry in front of the goat barn. I know he wants company. Tomorrow, rain will drip down his rather extravagant nose and he will melt.

Thankfully, there’s always Photoshop for when raw materials are reluctant to cooperate. Making a mandala always brings a surprising depth to the subject; almost always some kind of spooky face emerges. In this case, the face was spooky enough to begin with and the resulting mandala makes me just a little queasy to peer at closely.

Winter’s got a way to go here in Maine. In past years, we’ve gotten significant snowfall during the month of March. I don’t want to make any enemies, however I hereby voice my humble petition to the forces of nature for some nice, heavy, sculpture-friendly precipitation.


Author: Rebecca Reinhart

Now an artist/illustrator, I am a former: graphic designer, yoga teacher, goldsmith and dancer, in no particular order. I strive for a balanced state of sustained exploration and nearly constant existential angst.

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