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On edge

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It’s not at all unusual to hear of reports of coyotes howling in the starry suburban night. We have had neighbors say they’ve heard their hair-raising calls, but until this evening, we never had. Our place backs up onto a long swath of woods that runs along a river, so we’ve seen plenty of wildlife during our many years here. Beavers, foxes, fishers and eagles are frequent visitors and we have even had a moose trim the bushes near the house. Still, when we heard eerie sounds coming from the woods this evening, we quickly stepped outside to secure Mr. Wonderful, our Maine Coon, then stood quietly for a few minutes to listen.

No further baying ensued as we breathed the crisp air and soaked up the bright half-moon and star-encrusted western sky. Although all seems right with the world for tonight with Mr. W tucked inside safe and sound, I must admit I feel a little on edge.


Author: Rebecca Reinhart

Artist, graphic designer, yoga teacher, goldsmith, dancer, seeker, in no particular order. I strive for a balanced state of sustained exploration and nearly constant reinvention.

One thought on “On edge

  1. A wonderful photo! I’ve never heard coyotes, but through your post I can imagine them.

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