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Mud Season Musings


Mud season is finally here. It’s really warm today and I am finally allowing myself to look forward to spring. Usually, the Maine winter tricks me and returns with a vengeance in March (some years, even April or May!) making me regroup and switch my hopeful nice-weather attitude for fleece sweaters, armfuls of firewood and static-charged hair.

My car was filthy and even though it looks much better now, I need to run it through a car wash with the undercarriage treatment. A clean car is only temporary for me, because my vehicle encounters the most grime right here in our own driveway. (Believe me, I use the term driveway quite loosely here…)

Mr. Wonderful, our Maine Coon, smells spring in the air, too, and was quite pleased to help me rake away the mounds of icy mud that the snow plow deposited so we could reach the sitting stumps in the front garden. Too early to sit out on the stumps while sipping beers, but I have big plans to enjoy the sunset on the back right after I finish this entry.




Author: Rebecca Reinhart

Artist, graphic designer, yoga teacher, goldsmith, dancer, seeker, in no particular order. I strive for a balanced state of sustained exploration and nearly constant reinvention.

2 thoughts on “Mud Season Musings

  1. You have a Main Coon! My husband just looked them up the other day, otherwise I wouldn’t know what they are. And you live in Maine! How poetic. We are ankle deep in mud here in the Midwest. I mirror your enthusiasm for spring.

  2. Diane, I loved your Sodapop life lesson story and look forward to reading the next installment! Our Coon, Mr. Wonderful, appeared on our front porch during a nasty winter storm a number of years ago and it took a full year to get him to come inside to eat his crunchy kibbles. Now, he’s a mama’s boy who sleeps cozy inside every night because he’s as scared of the monsters in the woods (fishers…) as I am!

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