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022513 breezeway snow pile

The weather forecast has got me rummaging in the closet for my Happy Light light box. Even though it triggers retina-searing migraines, I am tempted to plug that sucker in and park myself in front of it wearing A Clockwork Orange-type eye apparatus to assure my continued focus. (Ah, don’t click through to that eye torture link. I’m sorry I did. Ugh!)

To Old Man Winter, I say, “Uncle, already!” The snow pile outside the front breezeway door is over my head and my favorite snow shovel (yes, I have a favorite snow shovel) is wrapped with duct tape to keep the handle on. I don’t even have the urge to carve snow creatures this week because it will be above 40°F each day. The icy characters would melt and sublimate before we had the chance to properly bond.

I think it’s going to be a messy, hip-deep mud season.

Author: Rebecca Reinhart

Now an artist/illustrator, I am a former: graphic designer, yoga teacher, goldsmith and dancer, in no particular order. I strive for a balanced state of sustained exploration and nearly constant existential angst.

3 thoughts on “Uncle

  1. hi, rebecca! thanks for dropping in to my blog!
    your photos of all that snow remind me of my time in ontario, canada….i could only survive a few years there….i guess im not a cold weather man! mind oyu, we do get cld spells here in Vancouver, BC too sometimes…but nothing like ontario…
    i dont what its called coincidence, synchronicity or what…but i have been doing yoga for many yrs too…or should i say trying to do it! learnt from a blind teacher years ago….my aim is also to try and start a few lessons for local peeps here….i think, and i know you’ll agree, this knowledge is priceless…and the more people who benefit for it, the better….at least, that was the last thing my teacher told me, after which i never saw him again…..”Do not keep this to yourself….share it, for sharing will take you to higher realms that even I cannot tell you about..”
    great blog anyway, rebecca….you have a loyal follower!

    • Thank you for the kind words! I enjoyed taking a swing through your blog and will look forward to the various pages “leafing out” so to speak!
      As for the cold, I learned to embrace it and not fight it. Plenty of hot tea, soups and stews and …polar fleece along with snow shoeing and various other outdoor winter activities make the lonng months here pass quickly. I have family in the Seattle area and know that the region of the continent that BC and northwest US inhabit is some of the most gorgeous land on earth. I certainly envy your selection of where to put down your roots!

      • hehe!
        it was a long, long slog, rebecca, trust me! it didnt happen overnight..moving to BC i mean.
        moving away from relatives etc was the worst bit, to tell the truth….it brought out the worst of them..gave us no support at all…just when we needed it…anyway, que sara, they say.
        i agree about the cold…no good fighting it…if u do, it gets worse….better to enjoy it!
        and yes…we’re blessed to be in an area virtually paradise on earth! we count out blessings every day, i can tell u that!. i guess i always wnated to be here…and thinking about the same thing all the time finally did it….im here!

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