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The Snow Goddess Within

All winter, we’ve been blessed with that light, feathery snow that’s a luxury to shovel. No shooting back pains after a big cleanup – just a good workout. Until Saturday.

Once it started, the snow fell fast and it fell furious. An hour later it turned to ice pellets and not long after that (and for the rest of the evening) it rained. Lightning startled me from my reading at 11 p.m. and thunder just sounded wrong in February. The snow scape lit up violet when the lightning flashed and the after image was tinged with a strange magenta hue.

The next day was fabulous and warm. Ice chunks falling and water dripping off the eaves and down the gutters. The quality of the snow had changed. Finally, snow that would stick together. Dense, grainy snow that glistened and flashed in the sun.

Snow Goddess Snow. This entity assumed her hefty incarnation this afternoon and has two companion bases next to her. Waiting.

We’re forecast for a possible 4 more inches tonight.