Life In Progress

I will not confuse my career with my life.

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On edge

It’s not at all unusual to hear of reports of coyotes howling in the starry suburban night. We have had neighbors say they’ve heard their hair-raising calls, but until this evening, we never had. Our place backs up onto a long swath of woods that runs along a river, so we’ve seen plenty of wildlife during our many years here. Beavers, foxes, fishers and eagles are frequent visitors and we have even had a moose trim the bushes near the house.¬†Still, when we heard eerie sounds coming from the woods this evening, we quickly stepped outside to secure Mr. Wonderful, our Maine Coon, then stood quietly for a few minutes to listen.

No further baying ensued as we breathed the crisp air and soaked up the bright half-moon and star-encrusted western sky. Although all seems right with the world for tonight with Mr. W tucked inside safe and sound, I must admit I feel a little on edge.